Maven software is a complete solution for the Cab/Taxi rentals industry. This software is for customer to book the cab and get informed about it status. This software is for the Cab rental companies to manage their Cab rental management operation end to end.
The Maven system has easy to use interface for all the users using web technologies. The solution is an Enterprise grade internet based solution server in SaaS model.

Maven Features List

  • #1

    Core Business Logic Services

    All the core business logics required by the CAB operators industry are served. The module has a very flexible architecture to incorporate changes into the system in a future date. The scalable architecture also ensures a smooth adaptation into the increased business transactions. Solution also has a modular architecture to support integration will external systems.

  • #2

    Booking Module

    Module to enter the booking requisitions into the system. An easy to use booking form where most the required parameters are to be selected from a predefined data set hence minimizing the number of typing errors into the system. Booking made for the day and also for any date range can be viewed from here. The various booking stages like new booking, pending booking, active booking, and cancelled booking are displayed here.

  • #3

    Online Booking Module

    Online booking engine for the customers to send the booking requisitions to the company, these booking can be accepted into valid booking after validating the same.

  • #4

    Trip/Duty Management

    Trip/Duty generation for the booking is done by here. Print out of the Trip/Duty slips can be printed from here. The completed trip/duty can be closed by entering the opening and closing kilometers.

  • #5

    Invoice/Annexure Generation

    Considering the tariff available for every customer and the vehicle other parameters like Service taxes, Education cess and discounts the invoice are generated for the closed trips. Module also supports the feature of grouping the invoices called here as annexure. This address the requirements by the several organizations demands while approving the invoice bills.

  • #6

    Fuel Indent & Vehicle Maintenance

    Module to manage the fuel usage, their associated expense, vehicle maintenance, repairs etc by various vehicles. Cash advance against various vehicles etc are also maintained here.

  • #7


    Financial details like Invoices against customers, their details, pending payments, payment received are maintained.
    Note: We also provide tally software integration support on need basis.

  • #8


    Varity of reports based on customers, agents, vehicle, and periodic sales can be generated, and these reports can be taken print, exported to various formats like Microsoft Excel, Adobe Acrobat etc.

  • #9

    Employee Management

    Module helps in managing the company employee details like;
    Employee contact details
    Employee professional details

  • #10

    SMS Messaging

    SMS messaging to your customers and contacts about their booking and trip details are made easy through this module. Automated SMS messages can be sent to your customers. SMS messages delivery status are also captured into the system for audit trailing.

  • #11

    Email Messaging

    Email messaging to your customers and contacts about their booking and trip details are made easy through this module. Automated email messages can be sent to your customers.

  • #12

    Alerting Services

    Expiry details of various vehicle documents like Fitness certificate, Emission certificate, TAX certificate etc. are tracked by the system. These details are alerted to the user of the system on a regular basis. Even when the customer crosses their credit limit and credit days the information is alerted to the user.

  • #13

    User Management & Security

    User access to the Maven software are created and managed through this module. Users accessing the system can be defined and their access levels to every menu in the Maven Client can be configured here.

Benefits of Maven Software

  • A complete solution addressing all the various business details and developed by using the vast industry domain experience.
  • Only solution for the industry developed adhering to the enterprise application development standards.
  • Secure, reliable, robust and scalable solution ensuring the long term investment interest of the customer.
  • Completely built on Microsoft latest technologies hence ensuring the long term support from Microsoft itself. Also the need of having in house technical expert in various technology domains for the maintenance reasons is eliminated.
  • Reducing the need of increasing the existing infrastructure except an addition of few freely available solution frameworks. Hence minimal investment cost on the infrastructure upgrade.
  • Quick and easy deployment without disturbing the existing systems.
  • Application has to deploy on a single server machine hence it is secure and maintenance will be easier.
  • Application can be upgraded and scaled to any level. Various other organization processes can be easily integrated in the future.
  • 1message is continuously working on making the Maven Software better. Exira is dedicating a considerable amount of resources for innovation and betterment of Maven Software. A host of upgrades will be incorporated into the system on a continuous basis thus helping our customer in running their business better.

Few initial queries

  • Do we have to install the software on all the system in our Institution?
    No you don’t have to. We provide this software as a service; we manage the software 24*7*365 on our servers for you. You can access the software through internet from anywhere in the world!
  • How our data is kept safe?
    Our software and hardware infrastructure meets the necessary industry standards to manage information critical application like SIMS; it is fully equipped to take necessary data backups regularly. We constantly monitor the infrastructure for its health and update with latest technologies on an ongoing basis.